Building a Generation of young Muslims who are Spritual, Modern and Self-Sustaining

Peace Camps

Indonesia is an archipelago of thousands of Islands, 737 languages, over 300 ethnic groups, along with religious diversity. Though 87% of the country is Muslim, there are also Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and other tribal religions within Indonesia. The complexity of these factors together has produced fertile ground for conflict in every area of society, and the geographic isolation only aids in the potential for prejudice, fear, and conflict to grow within communities. Because of this, many Indonesians never have a chance to meet or learn positive things about other ethnic or religious groups, especially within rural areas.

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Flourish: Women’s Empowerment

The Flourish program is for all women, with the main focus of this program in rural settings. Many of the women work as farmers, with their husbands often in Jakarta seeking to find work, and generally they would see their husbands only a few times a year when they come home. Because of this, women are often bringing up their children on their own.

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Pesantren Education

In Indonesia, there has been millions of youth trained in Pesantrens over the past 200 years. This project reaches out to young people who have been entrusted to rural religious schools in low socio-economic areas throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Generally poverty exists within these schools, as well as a vulnerability to extreme teaching.

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We responds to the following needs

  • Islamic Boarding Schools (Pesantren) have minimal development economically and in technology.
  • Graduates of the Pesantren are generally unskilled for the workforce.
  • The Education Program of the Pesantren emphasises teaching Islamic traditions, however neglects a wholistic education.

Our Objectives

  • In partnership with young Islamic Leaders, primarily in Central Java, promote a modern Pesantren Education methodology which enables elf-sustainability.
  • Provide the necessary skills for Pesantren graduates within the areas of technology and small business.
  • Promote a wholistic approach to the Pesantren Education program that encourages innovation in small business to compliment spiritual formation.
  • Provide a trusted and productive Education content that connects the Pesantren graduate with the modern world.